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i am disgusted with the whole music scene right now. i went to panic! at the disco, the academy is..., and acceptance tonight, and it was one of the worst experiences at a show.. ever. by all means, i don't mind people getting into the music, because obviously that's why we're there. however, i do think it is entirely UNnecessary to fucking push people over at a panic! show. i swear i almost got knocked over at least three times, and got about three to five halfway decent pictures, due to people slamming into me, etc. and i think it is ridiculous that we had to come home smelling like beer because people couldn't stop shoving for two seconds, causing everyone to spill their alcohol on everyone else. i DONT drink for a reason, thanks. i'd like to NOT come home smelling like beer. i guess i have mtv and 102.1 the edge to thank for the massive jump in panic! driven insanity, because this show was terrible, not the band, per se, but the fucking crowd. i was forced to walk out after panic! due to scenesters' lack of common sense, and if i had it my way, everyone would have been punched in the face.
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eekk that's horrible, utterly horrible. that's almost how it was last night at the honorary title show though, so i know where you're coming from.. kinda. but panic! is just to... hip and poppish now, i swore i heard them the other day on 96.7kissFm. but yeah.. sorry to hear the show was a "worst experience".
well they were on trl, and then the edge put them on the cock fight, and they kept winning, of course. so there they go...